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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Backlinks for African violets

It takes time to make proper backlinks, because the original article's title must be changed in each new post, and many sites require a certain number of words, characters, or sentences in the description. Rather than posting and running, I've been spending time on these other sites, participating in reviews of others' works.

Hoping to raise some interest in African violets, I uploaded 15 photos of my African violets to RedGage and to Facebook a couple of days ago, and I did receive a few comments about growing them. In reply, I backlinked to RedGage my article, "How to Water an African Violet." A friend had backlinked the article to Xomba on April 30. I backlinked it to SheToldMe and to Snipsly today. SheToldMe and Snipsly have dofollow links; Xomba does not. I backlinked SheToldMe to RedGage and Snipsly to RedGage. This gives two lines of dofollow links: original to SheToldMe to RedGage; and original to Snipsly to RedGage. I had already backlinked the original article to a Facebook group named "African Violet Nerds."

After the article about watering African violets has been on RedGage, SheToldMe, and Snipsly for several days or more, I'll backlink a related article. It seems to me that waiting between new postings of original articles would allow time for some traffic from these sites to go to my article, increasing web traffic and the chance that the article would be "shared" via e-mail or social networking. Sharing an article in these ways helps search engines to "notice" the article. More people on the article page should correlate with higher interest in relevant ads, shown by click through. After all, the objective is to provide excellent content and raise passive income.

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