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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unsolicited SEO Offer for Increasing Web Traffic and Generating More Passive Income

I just received a telephone call solicitation from one of the search engines to which I submitted this blog, and was offered a 30-day no contract, month-to-month search engine optimization service, which would redesign my web page, drive visitors to my site and earn more money. From the background sounds, he was one of many callers in the same room.

He asked about the purpose of this web page. Basically, it's to educate and share knowledge while I'm in the process of generating more income from my eHow articles and evaluating the usefulness of various methods and the complexity of my required involvement.

For the "low cost" of $76-something per month, this service would do wonderful things for me. His was a live, but canned, presentation which he repeated as "answers" to my questions, no matter what they were.

When allowed to complete a full sentence, I told the caller that the price was too high for me, and asked if he could guarantee a certain amount of online profit per month after paying the fee. I knew he couldn't, but was curious to see if he might. He didn't give a number, only said that people have to find my site to generate income on my site. This is true. He began to repeat his pitch. I said I needed to think about this (really -- who buys anything from an incoming caller?) and the pitch loop continued.

To show him that the cost of their SEO package is too steep for me, I told him that the amount charged for one month of service exceeds the amount I have earned on my articles. He didn't miss a beat. He inquired about how I earn income from these articles. Google ads. Could I alter my web page? I can alter the content of my articles, but not the ads or the HTML. Yes, of course I can alter the HTML here. Since the HTML codes for my articles are set by eHow, he focused on this site.

I asked for a free trial period to assess what they could do for me. To my surprise, he then offered me a 30-day trial at no cost, to re-design and keyword optimize this blog page and demonstrate the earnings they could produce for me. I agreed that sounded very good, and told him that I needed to see that offer in writing. Our conversation was not being recorded, and it would be my word against his later on -- and we know there would be such a "later on." Well, my request derailed him. Click.


I never expected that there would be a telephone sales pitch from any of the SEO sites to which I submitted my articles and this blog, and hope that was the first and last of them.


  1. That is quite the story. I've never been called by an SEO company... sounds like you asked all the right questions though. Did you ask for his home number so you could call him back at a better time for you?

  2. He hung up on me before I could ask ;)