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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Backlinking the Backlinks

RedGage is, by far, the easiest site for creating backlinks. I've been busy on SheToldMe, Xomba and RedGage to backlink three of my articles.

"How to Tie Shoelaces to be Secure and Easily Untied" had already been backlinked on SheToldMe by a friend. Yesterday, I backlinked the SheToldMe backlink to RedGage, and then backlinked the original eHow article to RedGage.

"How to Write a Useful Obituary" had been backlinked on InnovativePassiveIncome by another friend. I backlinked the InnovativePassiveIncome backlink to RedGage, backlinked the original eHow article to RedGage, and backlinked the original article to Xomba. Yes, I know that I've not (yet) backlinked the original to SheToldMe.

The first article I wrote on eHow, "How to Compose a Sympathy Message that will be Cherished," has earned more than all others combined. Today, I backlinked it to SheToldMe and to Xomba; backlinked SheToldMe to RedGage; Xomba to RedGage; and the original article to RedGage.

I'd like to show you a chart of articles, monthly earnings for each, and unique page views (the latter just for fun, since the number of views per se doesn't earn income for me), which can be used to track any increase in traffic or earnings as time goes by. After finding out about what not to do -- copy and paste from Word onto this blog -- the same can probably be said for Excel. On the other hand, time is probably better spent creating levels of backlinks for my articles before making charts.

You may have noticed the StumbleUpon button at the end of each post, which I installed last night. Whether that drives more traffic to this blog remains to be seen.

Preparing to use social networking to spread this blog's address, I used Su.pr to shorten the URL from http://increase-passive-income-online.blogspot.com/ to http://su.pr/8JjdfW

I joined YouSayToo, to backlink my blog there, but haven't yet been successful. When I receive a reply from tech support sometime next week, I'll need to add the code for YouSayToo to each page of this blog -- that is, when I make pages in this blog.


  1. I see your YST button on the side - that should be all you need. I learned that you HAVE to have the part that looks like this ----->12345 before the HTML code for the link. That is what the computer looks for. You can check the link right on YST.

  2. Thanks, JadeDragon. I was able to add a workable YST button yesterday, and testing from that site confirmed the link. I'd wondered where my blog posts were, but YST told me that only the posts created from now on will be displayed there.