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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Multiple Search Engine Submissions

I came across a website, AddMe.com, that submits a site's URL to 20 search engines for free, so I submitted this blog's URL late last night. The 20 search engines are: Google, Gheto Search, FeedPlex, Web Squash, AnnoX, Scrub the Web, Burf, Big Finder, Fyber Search, Exact Seek, Info Tiger, Focus Look, WalHello, Jayde, Entireweb, Tower Search, Mix Cat, Search Sight, e-site Secrets, and What u Seek. I've not heard of nineteen of these search engines. For a price, I could choose AddMe's Professional Search Engine Submission and the URL would be submitted monthly for one year to hundreds of search engines.

Today, my in-box was flooded with replies, confirmations, and potential confirmations, dependent upon whether or not I allow the search engine to advertise on this blog. AnooX requires a link on my website, but I've been unable to upload the image that is to accompany the hyperlink, so that probably will disqualify my URL submission. This URL has been registered successfully with ScrubTheWeb, FyberSearch, and whatUseek. As I had mentioned, I'd already recently submitted this URL to Google. Four out of 16. I began to read all the requirements (demands) for listing my blog with the rest of these sites, and was overwhelmed. For the tip of the iceburg, both WebSquash and eSiteSecrets require that I accept their advertising.

A large part of my afternoon -- time I'll never get back -- has been spent reading the reply e-mails, offers of various search engine optimization (SEO) tools, newsletters, additional services available, terms of service for listing my URL, and trying to fulfill some of the requirements, but I had to stop! This blog could, no, WOULD become overloaded with more than a dozen different advertisers. I don't want that, and I doubt that you, the reader, want to see that, either. This is not a time saver! AddMe seems to be more trouble that it’s worth. What would have happened if I'd decided to have my URL submitted to hundreds of search engines?

Trying to publish this earlier, I learned that copying and pasting from a Word document introduces meta tags that prevent the publication of the post. Always something!


  1. I agree with you! Most of those site submission services ask much more out of you, than you recieve from them! I am glad you decided not to pay in money and heartache for those services!

  2. When you want to copy from Word and paste into a Blogger post, select the Edit HTML tab first on the new post entry and then paste. This will avoid the annoying transfer of code from Word if you were to use the Compose tab instead. Now you can switch back and forth to edit!

  3. Thank you so much for that method, Shari! That will be a terrific help. You made my day!