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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Backlinks and Advertising

To write a blog is often recommended as a step toward making money online, so I signed up and started this one today. TaDa!

I had already taken several other recommended steps by joining SheToldMe.com, Xomba.com, Snipsly.com and RedGage.com for the purpose of adding backlinks to my articles. Backlinks make the article appear more valuable to a search engine; in turn, the search engine presents that article nearer to the beginning of the list of generated search results, which drives more Internet traffic to the website. More traffic brings more opportunities for the site to make money. Most people don't look beyond the first page of results. (I do, but most don't.) Three- and four-level backlinks (i.e., "A" backlinks to "B" which backlinks to "C" which backlinks to "D") are the best for enhancing a site's value.

My Google AdSense and Kontera applications were approved yesterday. Yea! If you're interested in joining them, please let me know. I applied to and am waiting to hear from Chitika.


  1. I still don't get these backlinks. I do have a blog although I haven't done much with it. Do I just put links from my articles on there so people can click on them and be sent to which every writing site I have them on??

  2. Thanks for asking, LillyRose. The short answer to your question is yes. The links you would place on your blog that would connect to your articles would be backlinks for your articles.

    As you can see in my blog, I have placed links to my articles (i.e., backlinks) on my blog in two ways: within the content or text that I've written and also when I added the eHow widget (gadget) to the side of this blog.

    When I first wanted to place the eHow Featured Articles widget on my blog, I simply included it in a post I was writing. Later, I realized that I should have placed the gadget on the blog itself, in a space designated in the layout for gadgets, so that it would always appear to the right.

  3. In addition, LillyRose, if several of your articles are focused on a certain topic, you could make more backlinks by including your other articles as references.

    For example, if articles A, B, and C are all focused on different aspects of the same topic, such as Memorial Day, Article A could have articles B and C in its reference section; article B could have articles A and C as references, and article C could have links to articles A and B in its list of references.

    In this example, each article has two references that have content similar to itself--these references are content congruent with the article. Thus, the link you would make to another article, B, which has content related to the main article, A, would be a more valuable link--a more valuable backlink--for B than if you were to place a link to article B on your blog, IF the topic of your blog is unrelated to the content of your article B. On the other hand, if your blog and your article have similar topics, then the backlink you would place on your blog would be valuable.